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Spring is in the air...

Good day Dear Friends,

Despite the controversial groundhogs’ early spring forecast and its official “calendar” arrival today, so far, we do not see it arriving here in Canada. The temperature in the forecast is still below zero or just slightly above with more snow coming. But we all hope that it will eventually arrive with double digits temperature very soon and we will be finally on the roads for the 2017 riding season. Those of you closer to Equator do not have the “riding season rush” and we are in Canada and north part of USA envy you :)


Our new and returning customers are becoming more and more active so we already have a lineup for the production of custom leather bags and accessories. Take your number and keep calm. We’ll serve you all. We appreciate your patience! Just remember, all bags are handmade by one and only talented craftsman Alex with @Archie_Dobie_boy "helping" alongside :)

The first on the list and is currently in progress is the project for Harley-Davidson Softail Slim of our dear customer from Toronto, ON. She will be getting a set of two custom bags containing the swing-arm bag with absolutely stunning Phoenix design and a matching windshield bag.

Phoenix bag for Softail Slim

The next planned project will be for our dear customer from California and her Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider. We will be working on unique bags with the Luckenbooth design with purple and bronze leather colors. Both the customer and we are very excited to see the final result of such project. So stay tuned.

One more person in line is another lady biker from Minnesota. She initially has contacted us last year and now came back looking for some black and red theme for her Harley-Davidson Softail Slim. We will be offering her an Iron Rose design for the swing-arm bag and potentially her solo seat.

Few more customers are still deciding what design they are looking for but we will have to give them “a number” and move them to the summer months.

Have a wonderful beginning of the spring, start preparing yourself and your iron horses for the 2017 riding season, check your tires, breaks, fluids and be safe!

Anna, Alex and Archie

P.S. Archie is growing fast and becoming a gorgeous doberman.

Archie during the training with @dogtrainertoronto

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