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Taurus Custom Leather

(previously known as Taurus Custom Motorcycle Seat Covers -
is a small family business owned and operated by motorcycle enthusiasts Alex and Anna, husband and wife of more than 28 years. We are proud owners of Harley-Davidson Night Train motorcycle and truly devoted to the Harley-Davidson brand. However, this does not prevent us from serving anybody who owns different motorcycle brands as we have great respect for any two- or three-wheelers owners and freedom of their choice. This is what makes us all different but united by one main goal - to be free and ride with the wind!

We are located in the beautiful city of Bradford in Ontario, Canada. Click here to contact us.

We make just for you
unique one-of-a-kind custom leather motorcycle accessories that include but not limited to:


  • custom handmade motorcycle tool-bags (fork bags, sissy bar bags, handlebar pouches) of any size with universal leather straps mounting that allow to install them on the fork, handlebar or sissy bar, or almost anywhere where it makes sense for the customer;

  • custom handmade motorcycle swingarm bags of any size and shape fully customized to your bike and needs;

  • custom handmade motorcycle tank panels, fender bibs, and fork wraps made from hard leather;

  • custom stylish biker accessories made from leather & chains for men and women, such as bikers leather cuff bracelets, wide leather cuffs, personalized belts, belt pouches, crossbody purses, hard leather vests, decorative belt chains, and other;

  • custom sets of leather accessories for entire motorcycle, that may include custom seat cover with elements of art, matching swingarm bag, fork bag, sissy bar bag, fender bib, tank panel, fork wraps, bottle holder and more;

  • any other special custom leather goods, not directly related to motorcycles;


We've done custom leather bags and seats for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Victory, CanAm Spyder, Suzuki Cafe Racer and more to come.


We are limiting our motorcycle seat upholstery activity only to seat covers with elements of art that are part of the custom set.



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