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Welcome to our new web-site

Let me introduce our new business name - Taurus Custom Leather.

We've started our motorcycle accessories business from making custom seat covers with special designs and evolved to making entire sets that may include but not limited to custom seats, swing-arm bags, fork tool-bags, sissy bar bags, bottle holders, fork wraps and other custom bags or accessories. We also developed a line of custom bikers accessories such as leather cuff bracelets, wide cuff bracelets, belt pouches and cross-body bags.

As we move more towards custom bags and accessories made from hard leather, we've decided to change our name that would better reflect our current activity. This will also allow us to attract more customers requesting custom leather goods not directly related to motorcycles or somewhat related.

Therefore, Taurus Custom Motorcycle Seat Covers has transitioned from the old place to the new one at and became Taurus Custom Leather.

We will continue providing you with high quality custom leather goods and motorcycle accessories.

Now when we introduces this blog, we will be keeping you updated about our new projects, as well as telling a history of some past projects. Stay tuned!

We customize only for YOU!

Sincerely yours,

Anna & Alex

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