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We have moved and more...

Hello All,

It’s been a while since our first and last post. And the reason for it – we moved from Bolton, ON to Bradford, ON. As we are home based family business, we were not just moving our household; we were moving our shop , as well as our son’s woodworking shop. In addition, we moved our elderly parents to live with us. It was hard...

And the last but not least, we got a dog! Our lovely Archie – Archibald Doberman Pinscher joined our family. As soon as he riches his full size, he'll become a model for the new line of dog collars.

So it was a very busy time for us since August and we didn’t have a chance to provide you with any Blog updates about new awesome projects, except a couple of Facebook posts. We will fix this drawback in the New 2017.

We are slowly going back on track and in the New Year starting two big projects – a set of bags with the Phoenix design and a set of bags with Black Widow design.

We will be more active with our Blog next year keeping you informed about new projects, as well as, giving some interesting facts about our completed projects. Stay tuned by following us on our media sites or subscribe to the Blog posts.

Taurus Custom Leather team and Archie are wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and lots of sunny and warm days during the riding season. For some of you, it could be a year-round season (we envy you), and for us in Canada – it's only half a year. So we all need lots of Sun!

All the best!

Anna, Alex and Archie

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