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Taurus Custom Leather Goods for Bikes and Bikers

Welcome to the Main Gallery page!

Click on the picture or drop down menu link to visit a specific gallery with high-quality custom motorcycle bags, motorcycle accessories and leather goods. Most of these items are not for sale. They are custom projects done by us for our customers. Our goal is to  create a unique item for every customer. If you like an item and is interested in getting the same one, we would discuss some options to keep it similar, but still unique and one-of-a-kind. And you will become a sole owner of it.

We may replicate bracelets and small items such as fender bibs, tank panels, or fork wraps matching your custom set. But the main item of your custom set would stay unique.


We have an on-line shop with pre-made leather goods.
Click here to visit on-line shop


The highest quality of workmanship is guaranteed!
Please read our customers testimonials here

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